Campaign Issues

So many issues face us. Terry Garrison can tackle them and make our community a better place.

He plans  to represent the citizens of Vance, Warren and Granville counties and focus on bringing jobs, strengthening education, reducing poverty, combating crime, and  providing affordable health care within the district.  Some of his accomplishments as a Vance County Commissioner are outlined below:

  • Support of new construction for Aycock, Zeb Vance, Dabney, and Clarke Elementary Schools and Southern Vance High School
  • Advocacy and support of teacher salary supplement increase  to $2,500 per teacher
  • Support of construction of multipurpose rooms at several elementary schools with last at Carver
  • Being economic development recruitment team member that helped to bring Iams (now Proctor & Gamble) and Walmart Distribution Center
  • Support of establishment of self supporting Tourism Department 
  • Support of new construction for Jail and Court House
  • Support of joint city/county funding for recreation, tax collection, library, economic development, 911, and election services
  • Consistent support of neighborhood and community revitalization projects for low to moderate income families
  • Support of countywide water service.
  • Supported only 2 modest property tax rate increases and one modest tax rate reduction over 27 years 
  • Had good administration that maintained a budget fund balance in 20% range on average and maintained an A+ bond rating on average

Garrisons greatest statewide accomplishment was during his tenure as President of the
NCACC (from 2006-2007) where he worked on an advocacy team that gained Medicaid relief from the state that saved counties nearly $500,000 which could then be used for other services at the local level.



As a member of the NC Legislature, my major areas of focus will be:

Education – Preserve and strengthen traditional public schools and higher education opportunities.                                                                                                                   

Economic Development – Support policy and efforts that encourage industrial and business growth and development across the state but particularly within rural areas, and create jobs that pay livable wages.                                                                              

Voting Rights – Support legislation that encourages more citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote.                                                                                                              

Medicaid – Support legislation that expands Medicaid to help the most vulnerable citizens in our state as well as to provide more job opportunities.

Mental Health – Support legislation that provide more efficient services to those who need the service rather than being jailed because of failure within the system.

Community Development – Support legislation that helps local governments or other public entities with improving substandard neighborhoods and provide job opportunities for the unemployed living in those neighborhoods to help reduce crime and other social ills that typically occur in such neighborhoods.  

Unfunded Mandates- Support legislation that provides, restores, or fulfill funding promised to local governments for mandated programs or services.

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